• Akbarnau.com is an e-commerce company that prioritizes the latest technology development regarding digital technology.

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  • e-Commerce

    PT. Akbar Bisnis Internasional is a company that operates in the field of online trade as well as e-commerce retail. We also focused on internet technology incubator and logistic corporations that is based in Jakarta.

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  • Logistics

    PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics was founded back in year 2000 and has combined 26 years of our team’s experience in International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Industry.

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  • General Contractor, Property & Trading

    PT. Mendeng Utama is a company that operates in the field of General Contractor and Property & Trade. Together, we will build new high quality innovations with safety as the main priority, in order to achieve results accuracy in the project that we are working on.

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  • Information Communications and Technology

    PT. Nusa Idea Technology is an IT consultant, System Integrator, and distributor of technology products. We provide technologies that combine innovation, quality and reliability.

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  • King Management Investment & Consultancy

    Working to Positively Impact Your Future

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We Are the Holding Company for e-Commerce Business,
Logistics Company, Information Communication & Technology Company, Contractor, Property, Management Investment & Trading Company.

“We are Professional, Fast and Reliable.”

About Us


PT. ALI Lintas Interkontinental (ALICORP) aims to invest and build a portfolio of sustainable investments, while developing many businesses with state of the art technology. We are driven by our core shareholder value, and taking into account social, economic and environmental responsibility. We are committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all matters with its stakeholders.



The Company believes in honorable profit and upholds good governance as well as the highest moral standards.

Passion for Success

As a company that strives for excellence, it will remain proactive and entrepreneurial as it pursues its projects with a sense of urgency and full dedication to the results.


The cornerstone of the Company’s investment framework is its ability to see and seize opportunity as well as to introduce future initiatives for its portfolio companies with a goal in improving the overall value of these companies.


The Company embedded unity in its purpose throughout the entire organization, focusing on building trust and respect for its people, promoting camaraderie and open communication, upholding professional growth, and uplifting dignity of labor, as it works toward shared goals along its organizational structure

Mutual Respect

Building a culture of mutual respect starts with having respect at the heart of your business. By sharing and perpetuating your company mission, vision, goals and objectives with your employees in everything you do will ensure that people are treated as you would like.

Innovation & Consumer Focus

Innovation is becoming a key competitive battleground in nearly every sector. Companies are under mounting pressure to continuously innovate and introduce new products and services ever faster. Consumers expect the next thing to be the next big thing.

Social Responsibility

A key to the Company’s social responsibility is its commitment to improve people’s livelihood in communities where its facilities, stations and projects are present. The main focus is environmental stewardship and activities that benefit the society in general.

Founder of ALI Corporation






Management Team

Chairman of Commissioner (COC)

Lutvy Arisandi served as Chairman of Commissioner of PT. Ali Lintas Interkontinental (ALICORP) and also the Chairman of Commissioner of PT. Akbar Bisnis Internasional (akbarnau.com) and PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics. Besides, He also served as Board of Directors of PT. WE’ENTIRA ATLANTIS NUSANTARA, and also the President Director of PT. MENDENG UTAMA. He has a network and good relations with the government and several state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. He is also active in several organizations such as KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Chairman of the Organization & Legal Division of BPP HIPMI (Association of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs) Period 2011-2015. Chairman of the Organization and Supervisory Board of JAPNAS (National Entrepreneurs Network) Period 2017 – 2022.

President Director

He is the President Director of PT. Ali Lintas Interkontinental (ALICORP). He is also Founder and President Director of PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics and which he started from 2000, he is also President Director of PT. Akbar Bisnis Internasional (akbarnau.com). In addition to his main responsibilities in running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in field Freight Forwarder and Logistics more than 27 years. Akbar Nompo holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, Economics, and Magister of Management.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

He is the Chief Executive Officer of PT. Ali Lintas Interkontinental (ALICORP). He is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PT. Akbar Bisnis Internasional (akbarnau.com), and the founder and CEO of PT. Nusa Idea. He also has an experience for more than 20 years as an IT Professional and 20 years as a Businessman. He’s a business innovator who produce many startup businesses while also actively wrote articles, books and serves as a trainer for a business seminar.

Independent Commissioner

While running his business and hobby, Andi Rukman Nurdin Karumpa is also active in professional organizations. Currently he is a General Secretary of Gapensi (Association of Indonesian National Contractors), and Vice Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Coordinator of Eastern Indonesia Region 2015-2020 period. He also serves as Chairman of Commissioner of PT. Almer Redoura Nuswapada and also the Chairman of Commissioner of PT. Dwi Jati Sukses.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Miftah Fauzy is a CTO of PT. Ali Lintas Interkontinental (ALICORP). He is also the CTO of PT. Akbar Bisnis Internasional (akbarnau.com) and Technology Director PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics. He has more than 25 years of experience in (IT Application Development) a field that tends to solve organizational problems through the acquisition and adaptation of existing technologies (especially those of an IT nature). In carrying his responsibilities of becoming a CTO, he prioritize new technologies of various types: i.e. Application Architecture Design, SOA, Micro Services, DevOps, Big Data Analytics, Fintech and other software engineering projects.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

By focusing on analyzing the financial and structural issues that are dealt by the management, Paulus Parlindungan Nahampun possess the capability to offer tailor-made solutions across a wide range of products. The solutions include finance and risk management products, and typically to help our management team to handle their balance sheets. In addition, he provide comprehensive securitization, structure and execution for our corporate customers across many assets in different jurisdictions.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

He is taking care for plans, directs, and overseas a company’s operational policies, rules, initiatives, and goals. Helps company execute long-term and short-term plans and directives by implementing judgement, vision, management, and leadership.

Marketing Director

He has an experience of more than 20 years in the development and implementation of the “Brand Strategy”. It consists of developing the marketing strategy for new and existing products, monitoring the implementation of the Marketing strategy, including Campaigns, Events, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations.

Our Companies


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